Effort as a Habit (Growth Mindset)

Here are this week's Talking Points to use with your team.





I want you to learn three big things this season: How to make yourself better, your teammates better, and the game better. That's called being a Triple-Impact Competitor® and that's what I want all of you to become this season.

Let's start with making yourself better. The key to success is how hard we work at something. The more time we spend working hard to learn something, the better we will get at it.

Some people think you are either talented at sports or you aren't, that you are either smart or you aren't. But that's not true. People can get smarter by working hard, and they also can become better at sports with hard work.

On this team I want all of us to have a Growth Mindset. A Growth Mindset just means that you believe you can get better and smarter if you work hard.

Some people think that work isn't enjoyable. But working hard can be enjoyable.

Our PDF this week contains additional Reflection-Discussion Topics, including: How will having a Growth Mindset help you get better?

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Talking Points: Growth Mindset