Teachable Spirit

Here are this week's Talking Points to use with your team.






One of the most important things about a Triple-Impact Competitor® is that he or she always tries to learn more and improve. We call that having a "Teachable Spirit."

People often stop learning because they don't want to look foolish when they try a new skill. But the really foolish person is the one who stops learning.

WAG is a word that helps us remember to keep learning no matter what happens. W is for Watch. You can learn a lot just by watching carefully. If your teammates know how to do something, watch to see how they do it.

A is for Ask. Many people are afraid to ask questions because they think it makes them look stupid. But the opposite is true. It's smart to ask questions!

G is for Get coaching. Ask if a coach or teammate will teach and coach you until you learn how to do something.

Our PDF this week contains additional Reflection-Discussion Topics, including: How do you think having a Teachable Spirit can help you in school or other areas of your life?

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Talking Points: Tachable Spirit